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KStars Group’s professional team includes Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong business experts. KStars has the Knowledge, Experience, Experts and Logistics Supports to well equip our clients’ business from Developing products in Asia (major in Korea & Japan products), to Distributing, Branding and Marketing in target Asian markets.



KSTARSGROUP possess SIN KI CONCEPTUAL WORLD LIMITED as a subsidiary company. SIN KI deals with the Korean, Japan and Taiwan products and solely distributes in Mainland China and Hong Kong. SIN KI secures necessary know-how for outstanding products to enter Hong Kong and Mainland China, also currently provides various products in online and offline market to Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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By organizing the business matching and small events, KStars Group creates the chances for suppliers to meet with their target market, starting small to test the market before investing for the market development. KStars also handles with the brand management in order to delegate and distribute the products to the specific target market via both online and offline channels.

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KStars Group is always dedicated to assist our clients in identifying and pursuing business opportunities, with providing comprehensive and customized services to cater to their business needs as well as delivering the best marketing & logistics solutions to make our clients successful.

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